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Healthy eyes have to be more than just "clear". Like a diamond, TAFT™ is the combination of technology masterpiece which "unite", "clearness", and "beauty". TAFT™ lens has endurance power to impact and harmful of UV light, then your eyes will be protected. With good precision and light transmission , TAFT™ lens give best solution for your visual acuity and visual clearness everytime. You are free to express with all kind and form of frame, from full-frame to rimless frame. TAFT™ lens gives you superoirity over the limit.

TAFT™ lens is made of latest standard index material that offers a strong, superboptical quality similar to mineral glass and high impact resistance. It is light and offers same protection level as sunglasses against harmful UV rays.

TAFT™ lens has high clarity and very wide distortion free viewing area. The lens has a combination of right properties. Therefore, it is the best optical performance for rimless frames and also is the ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Despite its hardness, the special microstructure of material used for TAFT™ lens allows for easy processing in surfacing, edging and drilling.


  • Optical Quality
    Superb Optical quality, similar to CR-39® and mineral glass.
    High Abbe Value 54
  • Clarity of Vision
    Excellent - High Clarity, very wide distortion free viewing area
  • Colour Fringing
    Lowest colour fringing in optical organic similar to CR-39®
  • Rimless Fitting
    Best optical performance material available in rimless "No Crack" and "High Tensile Strength"
  • Aspherical Designs
    Best performance of all optical organic similar to CR-39®
  • Lens Weight
    17% lighter than CR-39® Extremely low up to +/- 4 [D]
  • Lens Colour
    Best colour of all optical organic (water white) even when UV-400
  • UV-400 Protection
    Same protection level as sunglasses : "clear sunglasses" - Safe!
  • Shatter Proof
    Performance of ball drop test : 18 times better than CR-39®
  • Easy Processing
    Easy Edging, Easy Surfacing, Easy Drilling


  • Single Vision - Semi Finish
  • Progressive Short - Finish & Semi Finish
Optical Properties TAFT™ CR-39® Trivex® Polycarbonate
Abbe Value 54 58 43-45 30.0
Refractive Index, nD20 1.506 1.500 1.532 1.586
Light Transmission, % 92.5 92.8 91.3 89.73
UV cut off, nm 398 355 380 385
Haze, % 0.1 0.1

We have passed the ANSI Standard, ANSI Z87.1-2010 TAFT™ on "High Impact Prescription Lens Material Qualification" for our TAFT™ product.