Progressive Standard Cord

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Progressive Standard Cord

Standard Cord is an excellent finest general purpose Progressive lens. It is a soft design aspheric Progressive lens which is good for easier adaptation especially for the first time Progressive wearers and Bifocal weares who wish to switch using Progressive lens.

It is perfect choice for presbyopes who have a greater demand for far vision in their occupations such as professional drivers.


  • Multi-design: aspherical, soft, asymmetric, decentration, full addition.
  • Far vision zone with reduced distortion level peripherals.
  • Wide and distortion-free reading zone.
  • Length of Corridor : 17.0 mm.
  • Minimum Fitting Height : 22.0 mm


Material 1.50 Organic
Ø (mm) 70 / 75
Finish SPH +2.00 up to -2.00, ADD 0.75 up to 3.50
Semi Finish BASE 1.50, 3.00, 5.00, 7.00, ADD 0.75 up to 3.50

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