Hard Coating & Hard Multi Coating

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Hard Coating & Hard Multi Coating

For better performance and lifetime of the lenses, DOMAS offers a number of lens surface treatments. Domas uses the latest technolgy to process the lens coating with the strict quality control system from the A-to-Z processes.

Hard Coating

Hard Coating protects lens against scratches.

Hard Multi Coating

Hard MultiCoatings provides hard scratch resistant coating with anti-reflective Coatings eliminate light reflections on lenses and help to make the eye behind the lens more visible.

This is an 8 layered combination of multiple coating given principally to the plastic lenses.This coating comprises antireflection coating, the scratch resistant coating , the top hydrophobic coat (which prevents water getting smudged on the surface of the lens) and zirconium oxide coating to increase the toughness of the lens. This not only enhances the optical performance of the lens but also the life of the lens.

Anti-reflection coating is applied to the lens surface, allowing greater transmission of light which improves both the cosmetic look of the lenses, and their performance. Problems associated with glare from headlights at night or the computer screen are minimized, giving you clearer and more comfortable vision. The coating also eliminates the distracting white light reflections seen on other lenses, making the eyes the focus rather than the lenses.