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Refractive Index

Refractive Index 1.5
Abbe Number 58
Density 1.31 g/cm
Flammability Non flammable up to 650oC
Toxicity The Polymer is a very stable material without any carcinogen nor toxic properties
Physiological Effect The material is easily handle and is not hazardous (Health Hazard) to cause allergic reaction
Mechanical Strength Passed Drop ball test

The best balanced high index lens material with the largest share of the R.I. 1.60 lens material market.

Refractive Index 1.6
Abbe Number 41
Heat Distortion Temp. (oC) 118
Tintability Good
Impact Resistant Good
Static Load Resistance Good

Global standard R.I. 1.67 lens material. Great materials for thinner lenses with strong impact resistance

Refractive Index 1.67
Abbe Number 31
Heat Distortion Temp. (oC) 85
Tintability Excellent
Impact Resistant Good
Static Load Resistance Good